Lyrics - Revelations: Visions In A Dream

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Revelations: Visions In A Dream

The innocent and the poor
They've got nothing to hide
But the rich recite in numbers
Their fear resounds in side

Children starve by the millions
The false of the lame
Of the foolish few who knew them
Then led them to the shame

The king he knights the players
They all know the score
But nobody told his mistress
She was pushing forty-four

I don't want to know
Where we're heading for
We don't have long to go
We'll hear footsteps in the dawn
'Cause it's just some sort of
Crazy ride we're on

The queen she knows the exit
She's been there once or twice
When her saviour got ostracized
For selling free advice

And her knight in shining armor
Comes sliding through the door
Sporting suggestive glances
At all the dancers on the floor

Well I dreamt all those lonely people
I knew them by their names
But their faces lost their identity
In the fury of the flames

They talked in foreign riddles
Like actors on a stage
But when the word came they were standing scared
Lost in a doomed age


© Tom Cochrane

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Tom Cochrane

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