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3 » Bill Hyslop from Whangarei New Zealand
Good Day Tom
We crossed paths in Kenora Ontario around 10 years ago. You were doing a show. You just finished lunch at the Holiday Inn and I jumped up to talk to you. You were so Kind. I mentioned I had a place at West Hawk and you said you use to stay at Caddy Lake. You asked me if I was staying for the show and sort of hinting you had a spare ticket, I had come with friends and that was my ride home. Boy I was Stupid. I had hitchhiked across Canada years ago so I should have stayed and hitched back to West Hawk.
I did mention you should get some more songs under your belt.
You mentioned you were doing OK. Obviously I didn't know what I was saying. I listen to your music All the time and shed a tear when I think about that day in Kenora on the Waterfront.
I spend a lot of time in Whangarei New Zealand and I Hope our Paths meet some day so I can apolozise properly.
All the Best
Bill Hyslop

2 » Suza Leon from La Crescenta
I'm a Singer/Songwriter and I'm Canadian but live in the U.S.A. with my husband Greg Leon, who is a local guitar hero and master amp repair guy who specializes in Vintage gear. I really love your music and 'White Hot' is one of my favorite songs, it never gets old. I stumbled on your site and wanted to let you know. Cheers!

1 » Richard Wagg from Burlington
Bought my first Cochran CD (Songs of a Circling Spirit) on a business trip to SAN Francisco about 20 years ago. Played Dreamer’s Dream in my rented convertible driving across the Golden Gate Bridge my first night there. CD remains one of my favourites, and have learned to play a few of the songs from that album myself. I Wish You Well and Dreamer’s Dream being my favourites. Love your work Tom. Glad to have had your music in my life. Cheers, Richard.

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