Tom Cochrane and Red Rider

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Year: 1986
Produced by Patrick Moran.
(Except for *Tom Cochrane / Ken Greer / Fraser Hill /
Rick Hutt)
© Capitol Records Inc.

Music Tracks

2. Love Under Fire** (4:48)
4. Lasting Song (4:55)
5. Citizen Cain (3:32)
7. The Loading* ** (3:36)
9. River Of Stone (3:54)

Band Members

Tom Cochrane – Vocals, Guitars, Bass On*

Ken Greer - Guitars, Steel Guitar, Keyboards

John Webster - Keyboards, Treatments

Ken "Spider" Sinnaeve - Bass

Graham Broad - Drums, Percussion

Jorn Anderson - Bass On*

Paul Martinez - Bass On "Love On Fire"

John Johnson - Saxophone

Additional Vocals - Wendy Davis (Courtesy of RCA Records), Ken Greer, Billy Pilgrim and the Mission Singers


All songs written by Tom Cochrane, except **by Tom Cochrane and Ken Greer
Produced and engineered by: Patrick Moran, except for*, by Cochrane, Greer, Fraser Hill, Rick Hutt
Recorded at: Rockfield Studios, Wales, except* at Cedartree Studios, Kitchener
Additional Recording: Phase One Studios, Toronto: assisted by Randy Staub
Grant Avenue Studios, Hamilton: assisted by Dave Bottrill
Manta Sound, Toronto: assisted by Ron Searles
Metalworks, Mississauga: assisted by Noel Golden, Hugh Cooper, David Runstedler

Mixed by: Patrick Moran and Mark Freegard at Eden Studios, London, England, and Phase One, Toronto: Frase Hill at Metalworks, Mississauga
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York

Art Layout: Bruce Wrighte
Photography: Cover-Dimo Safari: Back-Deborah Samuel

Guidance: Bob Buziak
Support: Mark Stainback

"Suit Me Up, I'm ready to go."

Thanks to Simon Dawson (Day and Night Care, Wales) Doug Biggs, John Merchant and Steve's Music, Gerry at Gerr Electronics, Sherwood Music Kitchener, Allen Stein, Pearl Electronics, Stephen Stohn, Dave Dickson, Pat Hoffman, Joe Finlan at McClear Place, and everyone at Capitol-EMI

All Materials © Copyright 2020
Tom Cochrane

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