Tom Cochrane & Red Rider: The Symphony Sessions

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Year: 1989
Produced by Tom Cochrane & Ken Greer
*Except Co-Poduced with Steve Rinkoff
© Capitol Records Inc.

Music Tracks

1. Light In The Tunnel (2:28)
2. Human Race (3:48)
3. Can't Turn Back (10:22)
5. White Hot (6:18)
6. Big League+ (5:37)
7. Calling America+ (4:53)
8. Avenue "A" (3:57)
9. Bird On A Wire (3:21)
10. Boy Inside The Man (9:49)
11. Lunatic Fringe (5:01)
12. Good Times+ (4:53)
13. The Next Life* (3:41)
+Bonus Tracks On Cassette And CD

Produced By Tom Cochrane & Ken Greer
* Co-Produced With Steve Rinkoff

Band Members

Tom Cochrane - Vocals, Guitars

Ken Greer - Guitars 

John Webster - Keyboards

Ken (Spider Sinnaeve) - Bass

Randall Coryell - Drums

Peter Mueller - Guitars


Recorded live at the Jubilee Auditorium, Edmonton, Alberta, on March 17 & 18, 1989 with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
Arranged and conducted by George Blondheim
Produced by: Tom Cochrane and Ken Greer except "The Next Life", co-produced with Steve Rinkoff
Recorded by: Biff Dawes and the Westwood One Mobile Recording Faciloity except "The Next Life", recorded by Steve Rinkoff at The MetalWorks

Additional Engineering: Hugh Cooper
Mixed by: Steve Rinkoff at The MetalWorks
Mastered by: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk
Special Thanks to: The Edmonton Symphony Orcherstra; its' exceptional players and their management, especially Tim Randell, Rose Ginther-Haes, Maria McCready-Krillo, Bryan Taylor, Leona McFarlane, and Shelia Jones, Dave Harding.

Our Crew: Bob Shindle - Concert Sound, Kelly Jones - Lighting Director, Ian Murray - Production Manager, Jim Rhodes - Guitar Technician, Al Robb - Keyboard Technician, Andi Charal - Monitor Mixer, John Garrish - Guitar Technician, Lee Chomiak - Drum Technician, Peter Brittain - Truck Driver

Allstar Sound and Lighting, especially Clive Allcock, Brook Pimm, John Beckett and Brian Cynbaiuk.
Wheatbury Sound and Lighting, especially Dave 'Benny' Bennett.
Westwood One and their recording crew; Doug Field, Ron morgan, Billy Youdelman and Mark Carver; and David Knight, Barb Barubbi, Eda Galeno, Richard Kimball, Randy Timmins and Sian Ferguson.

The MetalWorks, especially Alex Andronache, Dave Dickson, Rob DiGioia, Trevor Morrow, Brett Zilshi and Stu Young. and... K-97 & Ted Kennedy, AFofM & Eddie Bayans, Laurie Bardsley, Steve's Music & Rentals, Andy Frost, Marvin Katz, Gary Baker, Stephen Stohn, Vinny Cinquemano, Joanne Kidd, Barry Zeagman and everyone at Capitol Records-EMI especially Deane Cameron, Tim Tromblay, Ron Scott, Jody Mitchell, Ralph Alfonso, Deborah Critten, Sharon Gaudet and Dennis Healy.

LP Design & Sculpture: Bryan Stewart
Photography: Raymond Johnson
Marble: Courtesy Mississauga Civic Centre
Wildflower: Marianne Stainback

All songs written by Tom Cochrane except "White Hot", by Cochrane/Greer, and "Bird On A Wire", by Leonard Cohen

Management: Mark Stainback, Michael Ellis for Chesterfield Entertainment

This project would not have been possible without the faith, cooperation and efforts of Ted Kennedy, George Blondheim, Tim Rendell, David Knight, Eddie Bayens and Tim Trombley.

All Materials © Copyright 2020
Tom Cochrane

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