Tom Cochrane: Ragged Ass Road

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Year: 1995
Produced by John Webster and Tom Cochrane
Engineered by John Webster
© EMI Music Canada

Music Tracks

1. I Wish You Well (4:23)
2. Wildest Dreams (4:11)
3. Just Scream (4:53)
4. Paper Tigers (3:55)
5. Crawl (4:15)
6. Ragged Ass Road (4:45)
8. Dreamer's Dream (4:58)
11. Will Of The Gun (4:46)
12. Song Before I Leave (4:34)

Produced By John Webster and
Tom Cochrane

Band Members

Tom Cochrane... vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, harmonica and mandolin

John Webster... keyboards, deadliners

Bill Bell... electric and acoustic guitars

Gregor Beresford... drums, percussion and then some

Ken "Spider" Sinneave... bass, reality checks

additional musicians...

Annette Ducharme... acoustic guitar on "Flowers In The Concrete", "Best Waste Of Time", "Will Of The Gun" and "Ragged Ass Road"

Saffron Henderson... backgorund vocals on "Flowers In The Concrete"

Molly Johnson... background vocals on "Will Of The Gun"

Alex Lifeson... guitar on "Will Of The Gun" and "Crawl", solo on "Just Scream"

Dick Smith... percussion

Evanne Cochrane... additional vocals on "Ragged Ass Road"

Alex Lifeson appears courtesy of Anthem Entertainment (In Canada), courtest of Atlantic Records / Anthem Entertainment (Outside Of Canada)


special thanks to...

Bob shindle for concert sound and building, maintaining, rebuilding, and temporarily exorcising Ragged Ass Roads Studios...

EMI Canada - Deane, Tim, Jody, Raine, Tanya, Peter, Roger, Lise, Steve, Rob, Al, Caryn. Capitol U.S. - Gary, Bruce, Lou, George, Denise, Phil and Judy Kerr, Ricky, Stacey, Wendy,
EMI International - Helmut, Chris, Paulo, Spike, Joanne, Teddy, Peter, Miguel and all my patient friends at EMI in Canada and around the world...

Dana and Ron...Roland Canada... Craig Collette and Coll. Audio... Rick St. Pierre / Wizard Amps... Rivera Amps... John Merchant / Audio Technia Microphones... Steve's Music / Jeff...Beeny, Moose... Father O'Larry Fitzpatrick... Derek... Highway... Gil, Alex, Dave, Eddie and all the staff at Metalworks... T.D. Mulligan and the Enns family for their hospitality... Cooper's Pub... the Chief... John Perkins... michelle Clark... David Bishop... Frank Palombi... Gary Scrutton, Bill St. Amor (say-no-more)...

very special thanks to...
Vi and Tuck Cochrane... Cody, Evanne and Kathy

The Tom Cochrane Internet Web Sit address is http://www.tomcochrane.com/tc

Management... Dana Millman / Ron Stone for Gold Mountain
contact: Gold Mountain, 120 West 44th St., Suite 704, New Yoirk, N.Y.
Photography by Rob Waymen
Tray photo by George Calef

Recorded at Metalworks Studios and Ragged Ass Road Studio, winter and spring 1995
Second engineer / additional recording: Ed Krautner
Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Mix This, Pacific Palisades, CA
Second engineer: Ryan Freeland, except "I Wish You Well" and "Wildest Dreams" mixed by Tom Lord-Alge at Encore Studio, Burbank, CA, "Best Waste Of Time" mixed by Tom Cochrane and Ed Krautner at Metalworks Studios, Mississauga, Ontario

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Tom Cochrane

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