Red Rider: As Far As Siam

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Year: 1983
Produced by David Tickle
* Produced by Ed Thacker
** Produced by Michael James Jackson
***Produced by Richard Landis
© Capitol Records Inc.

Music Tracks

1. Lunatic Fringe (4:23)
4. Thru The Curtain (3:19)
6. Ships (4:37)
9. Laughing Man+ (3:36)

Produced By Richard Landis or +Michael James Jackson

Band Members

Rob Baker - Drums, Additional Percussion, Harmonica on "Lunatic Fringe."

Peter Boynton - Piano, Synthesizers, Organ, Vocals.

Tom Cochrane – Lead Vocals, Rhythm, Guitar.

Ken Greer - Electric, Steel & Six String Guitars, Piano, organ.

Jeff Jones - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals


Recorded at: Sunset Sound, Los Angeles, CA by Jow Chiccarelli, assited by Richard McKernan, Location Rrecorders, Burbank, CA by Joe Chiccarelli. Additional Recording by Michael Verdick, Eastern Sound, Toronto, Canada by Mike jones, Jim Nipar & Fraser Hill.

Mixed at Village Recorders, West Los Angeles, CA by Joe Chiccarelli, assited by Karen Siegel. Mastered at Capitol Records Inc., Hollywood, CA by Wally Traugott.

Production Coordinator: Ruth Burghardt.
Direction & Management: Bruce Allen

Additional Percussion: Steve Forman, Michael James Jackson.
Additional Synthesizers: Peter Wolf on "Lunatic Fringe", "Only Game In Town", "Ships" & "Don't Let Go Of Me."
Additional Keyboards: Jai Windling on "Ships" & "Only Game In Town."

Acoustic Guitar: George Doering on "Only Game In Town," Ships" & "Don't Let Go Of Me."
String Arrangements on "Ships": Charlie Calello.

Special Thanks To: Comrie Smith, Glen Collett, Doug Grover, Chris Leach, Les Doiron, Dave Regehr, Deane Cameron & Jeanette Emmett, Munsie, Olie, Rupert Perry, Bobby Colomby, Bruce Ravid, Tracy Steele, Linda Jenkins, Crystal Harbidge, Ruth Burghardt, Kathy Choinard, Sandy Hardy, Gail Rauchman, Marlene Palmer, Devoi and Scoot Irwin.

Art Work: Bart Schoales.
Art Concept: Bart Schoales, Craig Tandy.
Back Cover Photo: Ian Campbell, Craig Tandy.

Andrew Gold appears courtesy of Asylum Records.
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